Coinbase lets you buy bitcoins (BTC) instantly with a credit card or debit card. Here are step-by-step instructions to help make the buying process easier for you.

1. Create an Account on
First, select “Get Started” on the top Right of
Then fill in your info at the signup form and select “Create Account”.
Once you create an account, confirm your personal details and log in. You may be asked to upload a scan of your ID. Once you’ve logged in, continue to the next step.

2. Navigate to account settings
Navigate to the top right corner and click on your name. There should be a drop-down menu where you can click “Settings”. Then click “Payment Methods”
Click on “Add Payment Method” in the right corner.

3. Click “Credit/Debit Card”

4. Enter your Credit/Debit Card Information
Note that Coinbase only accepts Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards at this time.

5. Verify your identity
After signing in, go to the Document Verification page. Choose the type of Identity Document you’d like to upload (Drivers License or State Issued ID). Select to upload via Mobile Camera (mobile) or File Upload (computer).

6. Buy Bitcoins!
Go to the buy page. Enter the amount you want to buy, and click “Buy Bitcoin Instantly”. Your coins will then be delivered to your Coinbase wallet!

7. Once bitcoin is purchased, copy our bitcoin address given to you at the checkout page when you placed an order, then login into your bitcoin wallet, paste our bitcoin address into the send bitcoin section of your wallet, input the amount of your order and click on pay now. Payment Completed!

please note: If you can’t find our bitcoin address at the checkout page, simply send us a text via our live chat requesting our bitcoin address for payment.

Also, you Can Download ‘Coinbase app on Google play store or Apple Store and follow the same instruction above.